• Metal Ceramic Bacic
  • Metal Ceramic Premium
  • Metal Ceramic Implants
  • Metal Ceramic Cad/Cam Premium
  • Zerconium Bacic
  • Zerconium Premium
  • Zerconium Cercon Densply
  • Zerconium 3M Lava
  • Zerconium Monolith(Full Contour)
  • Zerconium Implants
  • Laminates
  • Complete Denture Bacic (U/L)
  • Complete Denture Premium
  • Flexible Denture (1 Unit)
  • Flexible Denture Additional Tooth (Each)
  • R.P.D
  • R.P.D. Add Tooth (Each)
  • Bleaching Trays (U/L)
  • Night Guard
  • Ortho Appliance
  • Die Cutting
  • Gum Ceramic per tooth
Complete Denture
Gum Sculpting

Zerconium Cad/Cam

  • Zerconium Cad/Cam Advantages

    Bio Compatible & Durable
    Unique Shading system
    Translucentenough to be similar to natural teeth
    Resistance to thermal shock
    Highly aesthetic and economical alternative to non precious alloy restorations
    No allergic reactions (Gingival)

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